剑桥大学电话英语口语教程Unit 06 任务5

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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程UNIT 06 A CHANGE OF PLAN, Task 5,电话沟通和安排售后服务。

Unit 06-Task 5

第6单元 任务5

Dave Marshall: N & P Printers, good afternoon. Dave Marshall speaking. How can I help you?

下午好,欢迎致电 N & P 印刷厂,我是Dave Marshall,有什么可以帮您?

Maria Safarini: Hello, it's Maria Safarini from East Bay Services.

你好,我是东湾服务公司的 Maria Safarini。

Dave Marshall: Oh, hello Ms Safarini. How can I help?


Maria Safarini: Well, I'm ringing because we're having some problems with one of our printers, and I hope you can help.


Dave Marshall: Can you give me the model number, please?


Maria Safarini: Yes, it's a PX920 printer.

是 PX920号打印机。

Dave Marshall: And when did you buy it?


Maria Safarini: Oh, we've only had it for about six months, so it's still under warranty, I'm sure. We bought three other identical printers at the same time, and there's nothing wrong with those.


Dave Marshall: What seems to be the problem?


Maria Safarini: Well, it works, so I don't think it's that a part has gone wrong or anything like that, but the quality and speed of the printing are nothing like as good or as fast as on the other three printers. This machine is slower and what it produces just doesn't look very good. The point is, we can compare it with the other printers, and it's obvious there must be something wrong with it - we just don't know what.


Dave Marshall: Well, we need to arrange a time for a service engineer to come and have a look at it.


Maria Safarini: Yes, that's what I was hoping for, obviously.


Dave Marshall: I'm just looking at our appointments diary. I'm afraid we're very busy at the moment. It looks as if the first day he could come would be next Wednesday, the 5th. How does that sound?


Maria Safarini: Is that really the soonest you can manage? I was hoping you could send someone tomorrow or the day after.


Dave Marshall: I'm afraid not. One of our service engineers is off sick at the moment, so next Wednesday is the earliest we can manage.


Maria Safarini: OK. What sort of time would he be able to come?


Dave Marshall: He could come to you as his first appointment of the day, at 8.00, if that's convenient.


Maria Safarini: Yes, that would be fine. I'll just make a note of that - 8 a.m. Thanks very much. Bye.


Dave Marshall: Thanks for calling. Bye.


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