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每日翻译第63期:好品味10则Ten Rules of Good Taste

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今日翻译的素材来自小e英语短文栏目,主题介绍了“Ten Rules of Good Taste”好品味10则;每日一译,提升自己。

It is better to have fewer items in your wardrobe which suit each other perfectly than many garments all in different styles.

Garments of high quality can’t be cheap but they do serve and feel better.

Never economize on shoes, lingerie, sweaters and makeup but you can opt for a bit cheaper trousers.

If something looks great on you wear it, but if you feel it isn’t yours, leave it.

If the modern color doesn’t look well on you just put up with this fact and opt for some accessories in this tint while all the other clothes should be in another hue, more suitable for you.

Throw away all your old lingerie and buy a few new sets. Besides, purchase a couple of expensive sets for special occasions.

Good shoes serve longer, look better and don’t hurt your feet; whatever the goal you use shoes for you should pay attention to their quality.

Every woman should treat herself with at least one bottle of nice perfume and the aroma should go in harmony with you and your soul.

Your clothes are important but the occasion and place you want to wear them to are also essential.

Clothes should go in harmony with your mood, temperament, season, daytime, social status, etc.; only in this case they will make you look more beautiful, desirable and unique.

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