BBC英语一分钟: come back和 go back 的区别

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BBC Learning English in A Minute一分钟英语节目,澳洲幸运10今天来学习 come back和 go back 的区别。

Come back vs Go back

 Come back 和 Go back

Welcome back to BBC Learning English! I’m Sam and today we’re looking at the difference between come back and go back.

欢迎回到BBC英语学习!我是萨姆. 澳洲幸运10今天来学习 come back和 go back 的区别。

They both mean to return, but we use them differently.


We use come back when we return here. So, for example: I am in the BBC building now. Tonight I will go 澳洲幸运10, and tomorrow I will come back here - like a full circle.

表示回到这里时用come back。例如:我现在在BBC大楼里,晚上我会回家,明天我会再回到这里——好比是绕一个圈。

We use go back to mean that we return there. For example: I am at work now, and tonight I will go back 澳洲幸运10. I am not at 澳洲幸运10 now, but tonight I will go back - half the circle

表示回到那里用go back. 例如:我现在在上班,到了晚上我就回家。我现在不在家,但晚上我会回去——好比是一个半圈。

So, please come back to BBC Learning English for more videos!


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